Source code for camera control (analogue or usb)


I would like to know if you have sample source code in C# to control an usb or analogue camera in my own program. I search on documentation pages but I did not find it. Is it possible to have that ? thanks in advance.


We don’t have C# sample code. Please help yourself to get it on the google search.

We have shared native application source code in below links

Thank you for understanding.

As Raja said, we don’t have C# sample code available.
In addition to the links he provided, you can have a look at:
Here you can find some sample (native) code that you can use to access the imx6 camera interface.
If you need to use that from C# my suggestion is to wrap the native code inside a DLL that you can then call from your managed app.
If you want to do some kind of image processing, probably going fully native is the best option for performances.