SOM Selection Colibri vs Verdin


I am am selecting a SOM for a new project and have narrowed the choices down between:

Colibri iMX8 QuadXPlus 2GB IT


Verdin iMX8M PlusQuad 4GB IT

Both products should work for the application, and I was wondering if one was considered more reliable than the other. I have noted on the Toradex website the Colibri is noted having EEC memory for “advanced safety” , nothing is mentioned on the Verdin page.

I have used the Colibri products in previous projects, but I am wondering if it is time to switch to the Verdin platform - I assume this new form factor with have newer modules in the future.

Any other thoughts between the two platforms ?

Thanks !

Regarding ECC memory - yes we had an “Apalis iMX8QXP 2GB ECC IT” module with ECC memory but this product has been phased out and is not available anymore. Regarding reliability, our Colibri and Verdin families offer comparable performance. Verdin is similar sized to the Colibri but with a higher pin count. A DDR4 SODIMM edge connector provides a cost-effective, highly reliable, shock- and vibration-resistant connection. The Verdin family offers a broader range of peripherals accessible via the edge connector compared to the Colibri family. For detailed specifications, please refer to the Verdin family specification."

Hi Alex,

So it regards to reliability these two products would be regarded similar - one isn’t IPC class 2 and the other IPC class 3 (for example).

I also noticed that you are selling a heat sink for the Verdin unit - have you found the unit is getting to hot during benchmarks ?

I’ve been studying the published specifications also.

Will there be more support / new products for the Verdin module spec moving forward ? - this is also a good reason to jump platforms for me at this time.

Thanks for the replies.

  • Yes, the Colibri and Verdin families offer comparable reliability.
  • Some Verdin modules, like the Verdin iMX8MP, feature multiple cores within the same SOC package (up to 4 Cortex®-A53 cores, a Neural Processing Unit, GPU, video encoder/decoder, Cortex M7, Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi 4 DSP, etc.). If all cores are used at full power, particularly in high ambient temperatures, a heatsink may be necessary.
  • Regarding support, all current Colibri modules will be supported until the end of their product life. However, there are no plans for the development of new types of Colibri modules
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