[SOLVED] U-boot environment not correctly written during Easy Installer setup

I’ve created a custom image to flash my iMX6 with Easy Installer. I’ve added a “u_boot_env” entry in the JSON config file, that links to a text file, to init u-boot environment variables during setup.

The install procedure terminates without error. When I start the system, I get an environment CRC error from u-boot, and the boot don’t actually start. Also, my custom environment variables aren’t there (i.e. no bootcmd variable).

So far I’ve managed to let everything work by running “saveenv” from u-boot (after this, I can restart and the CRC error disappears; still, my environment variables aren’t there, so the system won’t boot), restarting the board in “recovery” mode (Easy Installer starts) and re-installing my custom image. That way, on the next start, u-boot has the correct variables and the system boots correctly.

Any idea why I’m getting this behavior? And how to avoid this tedious double-install procedure?


Hi @massimo.cristofolini

Could you provide the version of the Toradex easy Installer you are using?

Where did you put the text file linked in JSON config file?
Is there any difference between the first time and second time installation?

Please share your JSON config file and the tezi log ( cat /var/volatile/tezi.log ) for first and second time installation!

Thanks and best regards

Hi @jaski.tx

Sorry for the delay… I got swallowed in another project.

Great catch with the Easy Installer version!

The easy installer that comes pre-installed on Apalis iMX6 modules is 1.3 (g3c8ced9) - Built: Nov 29 2017.

The easy installer that starts via recovery procedure is version 1.7 (gc31aac4) - Built: Jul 30 2018.

By updating Easy Installer first, via Easy Installer itself (same version as the recovery one will be downloaded+installed) and then installing my custom image everything is working. In fact, I’ve just noticed that u_boot_env requires version >= 1.4. Better set config_format to 2 in my JSON file to prevent errors.

Many thanks for your support!

Perfect that it works. You are welcome. Thanks for the feedback.
Concerning the config_format, the value was changed from 1 to 2 from Version 1.4 of Toradex EasyInstaller as stated here.