[Solved] Problem with gdk-pixbuf bbappend

Hi all, I am building an image that use qt5 and gstreamer based on bsp v2.5 .

The problem is that when I try to disable X11 removing it from DISTRO_FEATURES gstreamer doesn’t compile anymore and I have a dependency error from bitbake because gdk-pixbuf is built with x11 and in that dependency chain the virtual/libx11 is required.
I see that the x11 dependency is introduced in the meta-toradex layer (bbappending the gdk-pixbuf recipe), so my question is: it is really necessary that bbappend for gdk-pixbuf? Generally I don’t like to remove/ recipes from bsp layers, and in this case the default value (x11 disabled) works well and permit to enable when it is required.

Thank you for your time,

Hi Stefano

So far I did not notice the issue as none of the builds I did without X11 did build gdk-pixbuf.
Building gdk-pixbuf with x11 is actually required for our standard LXDE image.

Does updating to or cherry-picking the following commit help?


Hi Max
Yes I think that the patch should work well.

To clarify, I was building an image including the meta-gstreamer layer (fido branch as your bsp) and the problem occurs in the chain of gstreamer.

Thank you for you time,