[Solved] Interactivity.dll not found on WEC 2013 (image 1.4)

Hi all, I am trying to run a very simple application on apalis T30 running WEC 2013.

When I deploy a Visual C++ console application that only print something via printf everything goes well.

Instead, when I try to run a XAML application (created using Blend for Visual Studio) Visual Studio deploy the executable and two dlls, but when I click on the application I get an error on Interactivity.dll .
I am missing something in project configuration?

Any help will be appreciated.

Hello Stefano,

Our standard image does not have Silverlight support preinstalled. To get it working you have to quickly install by using a CAB installer we provide.

You find the installers here:

Just extract the *.cab file, put it on USB drive and mount it on your device. Double click the installer on the device to get it installed there.

Please be aware, that XAML is actually not part of the license that is povided with our modules (C13Entry). You need to do purchase an other license for your final products. Check also the license overview.

Hi Samuel, thank you for your answer!

Now my application works!