Software Porting from i.MX6 to Tegra T20


I’ve developed an application for a i.MX6 and works pretty well.

This application is developed in C# for WEC2013 and I use the Toradex Library TdxAllLibrariesDll.dll for using PWM, I2C, SPI and GPIO.

I’ve also developed a DLL in C++ that uses the Toradex libraries since with this library I can speed up my software.

Now I would like to migrate the software to a Toradex T20 and what I ask is:

  1. does the Toradex Library TdxAllLibrariesDll.dll works also for Toradex T20 or I should need to migrate to another Toradex Library? The GPIO with this library seem to work but the SPI doesn’t work,

  2. The C++ DLL I’ve developed doesn’t work with the T20 module since when I try to load a method it raises the following error: "Can’t find PInvoke DLL ‘LaserLibrary.dll’. How can I do for make it will work also on the T20 Module? What should I change in the library?

I hope you will help me.

Kind regards

Dear @emmettbrown

These are two unrelated questions. Please create two posts, one for each question.

Regards, Andy

@andy.tx ok I will do two posts but for me is always the same question that I’ve published some days ago.

The SPI communication speed is slow despite the frequency of 20MHz.

You suggested to develop a C++ DLL and I’ve done buy the communication speed is still slow.

So I’m trying to port my application to a more powerful module and since my application uses your DLL TdxAllLibrariesDll.dll and my new developed DLL it was natural for me to make only one post

Dear @emmetbrown
Please understand that there should be a quesion which describes one particular problem which should be solved (not one question for one project).
The questions we are seeing here are

  1. SPI performance on iMX6 is less than expected
  2. SPI Library on T20 seems to have a problem in your use case
  3. Your DLL cannot be accessed from C#

If we start mixing such topics in a single post, it gets confusing for you, for me and for other customers who might be interested in reading the solution.
If you want to point out the related tickets, you can still insert a hyperlink to the other posts.

Regards, Andy