Smooth PWM acceleration

Is there a known method for achieving a smooth PWM acceleration on the using the verdin products? I was hoping to use the PWM output to drive a step/direction motor driver. The move profile requires a trapezoidal shape.

I am currently accessing the PWM interface through sysfs. I am writing the period and duty cycle files individually/sequentualy. The issue is that due to this method, there is a period of time where the period has been increased with the old duty cycle value. This remains true until the duty cycle file is updated.

My question is, has anyone come up with a method to create a smooth PWM acceleration, plateau, and deceleration profile?

Module: Verdin IMX8M Plus
Carrier: Verdin Dev Board V1.1E

Using the current PWM driver in conjunction with a user-space application might pose challenges in achieving your goal. One solution is to develop a dedicated PWM driver designed to manage smooth PWM acceleration, driven by parameters from a user-space application. Alternatively, you can leverage the capabilities of the Cortex-M7 core within the iMX8M Plus SOC. Another solution is to integrate a specialized stepper driver IC, such as the DRV8711, onto your carrier board, which can then be controlled via SPI or other available interfaces.

Thanks Alex, I’ll likely just use an ethernet based driver then instead of the PWM outputs.