SJA1105ELY ethernet switch driver in Linux kernel 3.2

Hello All,

We need to add SJA1105ELY ethernet switch driver for Linux kernel 3.2. I am able to find the latest driver in latest toradex images.
Where can I get the driver supported in Linux kernel 3.2?
If it is not available, what changes do we need to make in latest driver to support it in Linux kernel 3.2?

Prathamesh Kulkarni

Hello All,
Could you please help on on this issue?

Prathamesh K.

Hi @prathamesh.kulkarni,

We would suggest/recommend you to kindly use our latest BSP with recent kernel to avoid known issue and take advantage of regular updates and bug fixes from Toradex.

Regarding the switch driver we currently do not have tested neither backported this driver.

Additionally please share what BSP version you are using and again I will stress on the point of using latest BSP.

Let me know if you have further query.
Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar