Single touch point support in Capacitive MultiTouch Solution for FT5x06


We have used T20 + IrisCarrier + NewHaven 4.3’’ capacitive touch display as a setup in our application. We have managed to connect CapTouch following the guide at your website and used SingleTouchDriver. It worked perfectly.

Recently, we have decided to replace T20 with the iMX6 modul and keep the rest of the system (carrier board, display adapter board and adapter board itself). For this purpose we used Capacitive MultiTouch Solution following the discussion at the community forum. The multitouch driver solution works quite well in most scenarios, but due to some specific working environment conditions (increased electromagnetic noise on our side) the display controller records multiple finger inputs even though only one is pressed. We figured this out during debugging and logging the app for FT5x06 touch controller.

Since all other thing remained the same, and the only difference is the use of a multitouch driver with iMX6 instead of a single touch driver with T20, we assume that the most straightforward solution to our problem is to limit the number of supported touch inputs to 1 instead of 5. Following the guide, we see that there is a key in the registry that can be used to perform this task but analyzing the code in the app we see that this property is never used.

Our question is: how we can limit the number of supported touch points to 1 instead of 5 which is the default value of this touch controller?


The MaxTouchPoints registry key will limit sending the number of touch points to the GWES layer. If touch application is passing more than 1 touch points to the UnfdMultiTchDrv.dll, this driver will limit the touch points reporting to the GWES layer according to the registry setting.

We never tried to limit the touch points on the FT5x06 controller side. Could you please try to find information in the FT5x06 touch controller datasheet for the same.

Let us know if you need any help on this.

Dear All,
i am trying to use NewHaven 4.3’’ capacitive touch display with colibri i.mx6 duallite module win WinCE2013. Tried single touch driver guide, but not able to make working, can somebody help me

Hi @leninewinraja,

Did you follow the steps that I suggested to you on otrs mails?