Simple C application on IMX8DX without containers

I need to realize a simple C application and debug it on IMX8DX using Eclipse on linux host PC by cross compiling and colibri carrier board. Is it possible do you have any tutorial? I need minimal installation of Linux Embedded I want use only serial ports and ethernet. Can I use also yocto in order to create my custom light image?

I followed C Hello World Application cross compiling tutorial and now I can run my hello world, but when I run in debug mode I have an error “gdbserver: not found”, I have colibri IMX8 and I use Linux Minimal Image I found in the list in easy installer. There is a way to install gdb server on this minimal or i have to create new one with Yocto that contain gdb server? Or there is an image also not stable only to try something before to learn Yocto. (I don’t want use Torizon and containers)

Hey @fabrizio.camagna

could you share why you would not want to use Torizon and Containers? Are there any limitations to your project or something related? I would very much like to understand and have your feedback. The experience of using the development tools with Torizon is much easier to configure and start :thinking:

I have to develop (port) a real time application and i tried to use Container but all became so slow if you don’t have a powerful module (IMX7 IMX8 etc…), my application is portable and already works on Free RTOS or processor with 8/16 bit so I don’t like other software layers between. Maybe I will change idea :smile: soon in the future! but now I’m exploring the right product and the right OS configuration and I know I like to complicate my life :smile:

In theory, one could cross-compile the GDB server along with all requisite libraries, and then manually incorporate them into the Colibri Root File System. However, a more streamlined approach would be to include the necessary recipes in the Yocto build, and then build your customized image.

Containers have relatively low overhead on CPU speed, though they require a significant amount of extra RAM. So, your application should not run noticeably slower in a container unless it’s very memory hungry. By the way, the iMX6 is considerably faster than the iMX7.