Silent installation of .NET CF 3.5 on T20 WEC7

Does anyone know if the cab installer listed here allows a batch silent installation and how to do it?

Colibri T20 256MB IT v1.2A
Custom board
WEC7 BSP 2.1

You can try to use the wceload tool.

The wceload does works well when called with /noaskdest (to avoid prompting the user for installation destination) and /delete 0 (to avoid removing the cab after installation, although it is not really needed when the source path is not on the \FlashDisk).
Here is what it cannot do:

  • it cannot completely hide the cab installation UI, a little window will always be there to show the progress;
  • it seems it cannot prevent the installation from prompting a re-install confirmation to the user when it is not the first time anymore, so the launcher of the wceload (a simple batch.bat for me) should somehow check first and avoid it entirely when not needed;

This is what I understood of the wceload with my few attempts so far, but I did not yet try searching for alternatives to wceload (some mention an “expand” but it is not supported on CE nor simple to apply).

Thank you.

PS I reckon that so far the best way to appy a silent installation is to install it during production , before the product is even shipped to the end-customer.