SIGNALS - SLOTS on Qt based LinuxImageV2.6

I developed an embedded app using Qt based on LinuxImageV2.4 that is running fine. I linked all QPushButton signals (clicked) to its respectively slot clicking right-mouse-button, and the app was running fine.

After I recompiled the same app based on Qt on LinuxImageV2.6, and execute the app, I receive the message “QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for …”.

I read in the forum about this error: “… that is the “trade-off” for the “automatism” of this form of connect. Which is why any professional Qt developer will recommend not to use it (too fragile)”.

Is it true? I must back down to use automatic signal-slot link by right-mouse-button, and use “connect function” to do it, ok?


Quite frankly we are not really Qt experts and hence this Community is probably the wrong platform for such a detailed question. The Qt Forum might be a better option.

That said, I think that relying on that automatism is fine, just make sure you keep things in sync. The fact that you get a warning today just tells you that either signal or slot name changed, and you need to manually resync. I guess if you have to maintain a big code base this would be quite a bit of work, hence that recommendation to avoid using it…