Shell autohide registry key behaves differently in WEC2013 V1.1beta4

The behavior of the shell autohide registry key:


is different in 1.1beta4 to 1.1beta2.

Adding this registry key to the 1.1beta2 stock image causes the taskbar to be hidden by default. When the mouse cursor is moved to the bottom of the screen the taskbar then appears. Move the mouse cursor away and the cursor disappears again. Pressing the Windows key on the keyboard also causes the Windows menu to appear.

Adding this key to the 1.1beta4 image causes the desktop background to disappear. All that is visible is a black screen. Moving the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen does not cause the taskbar to appear. Pressing the Windows key does not cause the menu or taskbar to appear.

Is this change in behavior something that is expected?

We checked the issue and we are working on a fix.


We fixed the issue and the fix will be include in release 1.1
If you are bulding your own image I can provide you a new executable that should work.

We are not building our own image so there’s no need for the executable. We have a workaround in place so we can wait until V1.1. Thanks