Shcompapi.dll not found

Hello, I’m looking for a vnc for a WinCE2013 computer. I previously had a computer with WinCe 6 and used Efon vnc succesfully. I tried with your new Efonvnc for CE 8 Toradex Documents - EfonNVC wince8, but I get an errore about a missing dll.


I’m not using a Toradex device, so I do not expect full assistance, but maybe you could check where that dll should be located (so I could check where is the problem). I tried looking online, but didn’t have any luck, no one seems to know about that particular dll.

I’m using an ARM imx6 processor with WindowsCE 2013

gpeica&Looks like it’s a known issue. I can only recommend to contact EfonVNC author directly.