Sharing my WEC7 mouse emulator

This isn’t a question. I just want to share a small project with the community.

On our Colibri iMX6 we were using the Multi-touch solution with an FT5x06 display. At some point in the process, it occurred to me that we don’t need multi-touch capabilities in our application, and all I really want are normal mouse click events. So I modified the multi-touch HW adapter source code to simply fire mouse events as the user touches and moves a finger across the display. The solution does not use the Unified Multi Touch Driver, it’s a stand-alone application.

The cool thing about this is that it works across all applications and even in the Windows desktop. Touching and moving across the display works just like a mouse. Additionally, a long touch gets interpreted as a right-click.

I have attached the source code for anyone who might find this useful. It’s only been tested on a Colibri iMX6 Solo and is specific to the FT5x06 display. It would be a simple matter to port this to other displays.

I just put the thing into the AutoRun folder and never have to worry about having a mouse after that.

There are a few items of data defined at the top of the file mouseEmulator.c. These are pretty self-explanatory.

#define SCREEN_WIDTH 800
#define SCREEN_HEIGHT 480
#define LONG_TOUCH_MSEC 250	// How long to hold a touch (in msec) to 
                               // be interpreted as a right-click.

There are no license restrictions on the code, but the usual caveats apply: use this stuff at your own risk and expense. The code is being provided as-is and no fitness for any particular purpose is implied, blah, blah, blah…


Thank you for posting your project. It would be great if other Toradex users would follow up, to grow the community spirit of this platform.
Thanks a lot!!!