Sharing i.MX8 HDMI I2C with another device

We have a custom board with HDMI and LVDS. Due to an error, we connected I2C2 from the SoM to the LVDS interface as well as HDMI. The hardware can be modified to move both HDMI and LVDS to another I2C bus, but not split them.
Is there a software solution to get both HDMI (DDC) and LVDS (generic I2C) working? Either on I2C2 or another bus?
I have tried changing ddc-i2c-bus in the hdmi overlay with no success.

Hi @msmith, as far as I know you should be able to use DDC and generic I2C in the same bus but I could be wrong. Here you have some info about that: DDC vs I2C - ddcutil Documentation

Are you able to use the HDMI-DDC if you disable the I2C-LVDS (or viceversa)? I would try that and see if that solves any sort of incompatibility.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @msmith , can you confirm the pins from X1 you are using for this?

Thanks. It’s working now.
It turns out you can use a different I2C for HDMI-DDC. It just had to set the correct bus in the overlay file.
I added the following to the &hdmi entry:
ddc-i2c-bus = <&i2c3>;

Thanks for reporting @msmith. Glad to see that you managed to solve it.

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