SGTL5000 Automatic Gain Control

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I have observed that the audio codec on the imx7 colibri is trying to do some automatic gain control on my analog microphone input, does anybody know how to turn this off?
The recording always starts with a pop where the SGTL5000 AGC is taking place on the first couple hundred samples

Greetings @eoin_oc!

Which hardware and BSP version are you using? In the past we’ve seen an issue where a popping sound would play at the start of a recording, but this has been fixed for some time.

Hardware is imx7d emmc and kernel version is 4.14 bsp is 2.8 I think.
If I were to play back my recording yes there would be a pop, but the issue is not in the playback. The issue is with the recording itself

HI @eoin_oc

Thanks for the information. Kernel version 4.14 is related to Bsp 3.0b4?
Did you update to the latest LTS release 3.0b4?
Could you provide the output of ( uname -a )?
Which carrier board are you using?
Which commands did you use to record the system?
Could you flash Bsp 5.2 and check if you still see the issue?

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