Setting up Qt Creator to cross compile for colibri-vf linux platform

hii guys… am new to linux… normal i work in microcontrollers… i want to set up qt cross compiler for my colibri-vf module. I gone through the articles in Toradex for setup QT cross compiler, i followed the procedure in this link High performance, low power Embedded Computing Systems | Toradex Developer Center for setting up open embedded core. before adding QT layer, “meta-qt5” has to add as per the procedure. i added using $ bitbake -k meta-toolchain-qt5 this command from article. is it correct.? if correct i got few errors while running. but got message like dnt need to re-run ,successful. according to next step i need to navigate to folder stuff. i dnt have any folder like that. is tht folder is auto-created folder or we have to create.?? if it is auto-create folder on which step this have been created.?? please explain me…!!

please help me. i got stuck i need to complete this soon for my project.



As you forgot to mention neither what image version you are using for your build I have to guess.

Note that when building stuff the distro make and version of the buildsystem is interesting too and, while probably not relevant in this case, it does not hurt to add the exact version of the module you are targeting.

I guess you missed this sentence from the website.

Starting with V2.6 meta-qt5 is part of the layers which get set up and the manual cloning and change to bblayers.conf is not longer needed.

So all mentioning of a folder stuff is likely not applicable to you. (stuff is now called layers as explained also on the page).

i added using $ bitbake -k meta-toolchain-qt5 this command from article. is it correct.?

Yes, that is one way of getting an SDK with toolchain and qt5 developer packages. Assuming the command completed successfully you should have the SDK installer in the deploy/sdk folder.