Setting local alpha blending


I faced with a problem when setting the local alpha blending.

Use 2 framebuffer:

**fb0** for my qt application (widget with a black background and green text information);

**fb1** for outputting a video camera using gstreamer 1.0

Configurable global alpha blending, but when mixed are black pixels around the green text.

I decided to try the local alpha blending, but do not know how to reconfigure from 24-bit to 32-bit.

P.S. I use assembly console-trdx-image 2.6


I reconfigured frame buffer but now my app is displayed over the video and the local alpha blending does not work.


We do not have experience in using alpha blending on the i.MX6.

NXP’s Linux documentation bundle may or may not have some information (fsl-yocto-L3.14.52_1.1.0-ga), also the i.MX community has several posts on alpha blending.



If anyone is interested, here is the solution