Setting additional docker run parameters in VS Code torizon plugin

Hello Everyone,

I want to setup additional parameters to start the docker containers from the VS code plugin and I am not able to figure out where to set them. Can someone please help?

The target is to be able to use the container to access the CAN peripheral. I looked at the tutorial

but in this the docker container is required to start with additional parameters such as -net=host --cap-add=“NET_ADMIN” which I am not sure how to provide in the container?

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Greetings @gauravks,

So it is possible to customize the docker run command with any flag/option you want. Using the configuration window of the extension you want to use the extraparms option.

However, you need to enter the extra runtime options in a certain way which isn’t immediately obvious/well documented right now. In short we use a Python backend for the extension meaning you need to enter key/value pairs for extraparms in a way that is compatible with the Python API we use.

We use this API/library for container interaction in Python: Containers — Docker SDK for Python 6.0.1 documentation

In short for those two parameters you should have something like this according to the API:

  • cap_add: ‘[“NET_ADMIN”]’
  • network_mode: host

This seems to do the trick on my setup at least.

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