Set Ulimit for Docker with extraparms

I try to set the realtime priority for my docker container. Normally this would be done with ‘–ulimit rtprio=99’. For Torizon I must use the extraparms but I don’t understand the format described here: Low-level API — Docker SDK for Python 6.0.1 documentation

Tried many different formats but always get:

Invalid type for ulimits param: expected list but found <class ‘str’>

Hi @Qubit ,

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Would it be possible that you attach the file where you’re trying to do that?

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Now I have entered it again to post the config file and it works. Maybe I made a mistake in one of my many attempts.

If anybody else is struggling:
Add under extraparms the following key and value pairs:
key = ulimits
value = [{‘Name’: ‘rtprio’, ‘Hard’: 99, ‘Soft’: 0}]

Important: it’s ulimits because it excepcts an array instead of the the docker argument ’ –ulimit’