Set registry, config block and splash screen with Easy Installer


We are currently trying to put in place the production programming for an iMX7 Solo 256MB based platform. The goal is to program the factory module with the latest standard WEC2013 image (in the case of these tests 1.3b2) with our custom config block, registry and splash screen.

To do so we try to follow the instructions in:

We configured a module with the desired registry and config block setup. The custom splash screen is also set in place with the update tool.

We created the backup files for the registry and config block with the update tool. We prepared an SD card with the content of the downloaded image (Colibri-iMX7_ToradexEasyInstaller_1.8-20181019). We copied the backup files and the splash screen on the SD medium.

Using the easy installer (preprogrammed or out of recovery) we tried to program the module. The image is indeed written but not the backup files (reg + cb). It seems that something is done with the splash screen as the module is then block at startup (and unfortunately so far not recoverable: meaning that we can perform a recovery, erase flash and reprogram with a std image. But the module is still not booting by itself).

Trying without the splash screen with just the registry and config block we could see that the module is updated but the registry and config block files are not taken into account.

Looking around we found that it is probably linked to the script image.json that should be updated to handle this files. We found the example for the iMX6 module:

but it is not really obvious to us from the example or the easy installer documentation how we should handle this. Would someone have an example on how to properly handle this case?

Regards, Thomas


Just a correction to the issue description:

Colibri-iMX7_ToradexEasyInstaller_1.8-20181019 is used only for recovery purposes.

The content of the image used for programing is from colibri-imx7_wince8image-tezi_1.3b2-20190731. The content is copied on an SD card together with the registry and config block backup files (Backup.i7r and Backup.cfg) and the splash screen (Custom.tss).

I insist on the fact that the issue also happens when not using a splash screen (meaning with a fresh module configured as we wish without the splash screen from which we saved specific registry and config block backup files).

Regards, Thomas

As suggested by Toradex, I could use an alternate method to restore the registry and config block with a batch file and the autorun in a similar fashion as in:

Additionally to adapting the batch file of this example I also had to create a shortcut to the batch file (that is launched by the autorun). See AutoRun | Toradex Developer Center for details.

It requires a second power cycle (additonnally to the image programming from tezi) but it’s at least working.

Regards, Thomas

Dear @molokoti,

Thank you for your reply. I think, this is meets your requirement.

Let me know if you need anything else.