Set ip windows embedded ce7 tegra20 colibri

which command I can use to set an ip for my module, that I formatted lately. I access the bootloader via rs232 and then the command prompt where I set the ip:
set ip.ip
set ip.subnet
set ip.dhcp 0
save ip

But no ping, I wanted later to access the http and set my new username and password.
Which steps should I take to load a new OSimage?
Thanks in advance!

Dear @alberto

The ip address in the bootloader is only used for the bootloader functions (download image).
WinCe uses an independent setting which you can configure in the Control Panel:

  • Start → Settings → Control Panel → Network and Dial-up Connections

To make the setting permanent, you need to save the registry:

  • Start → Programs → ColibriTools → SaveReg

Regards, Andy

The problem is that I dont have access to windows at all after I formatted the module, I got a black screen, no way I can get to control panel. The console is the only thing I can get access to via rs232.

Dear @alberto

The first step is to ensure that WinCe is booting: Enable the debug messages and verify that you see messages about driver loading.

Then I recommend you to use RemoteDisplay V3 to access the WinCe desktop remotely from your PC.

Regards, Andy