Serial port stops receiving

Hi, I am using NETCF 3.5 on VF50 and WinCE 6.

When working with serial port everything is fine until port.DiscardOutBuffer() is called.
Then the serial port stops receiving bytes even when the device (modem in that case) responds to AT commands.
Tested on COM1 and COM2.

When talking directly to the modem, not calling port.DiscardOutBuffer() may be used as workaround.
The modem responds nicely to all AT commands.
But when using the default unimodem driver, configured correctly to work with the modem on the same com port, the windows message “The port is not available: another program may be using it” appears few seconds later. The windows unimodem log file shows no responses from the modem.
The same setup for the unimodem driver was used successfuly with previous image v1.0 and it worked correctly.
The way the unimodem driver uses the serial port breaks it and it stops receiving any bytes from the modem.

Thanks, Todor


We are going to release new image at the end of February that will address also this issue.

We will publish a news on our website when we release new image.

Thanks for your quick reply.

The issue is still there with winCE6 v1.3 beta2. The uart still breaks and stops receiving.

Can you please set registry entry “UsingISR” to 1 under
HKLM\Drivers\Builtin\UARTA and UARTB
and test again.