Serial console is not working

i’ve just started on colibri evaluation board and colibri t20 module but after giving power supply and connecting usb type b cable, i am not able to detect board?
Or is there any other link for getting started because i followed whole procedure but my board is not working.and every time reset out led is red. Is there any hardware issue?

hi sagar

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Could you provide the version of the hardware of your module? Also the version of the carrier board would be very helpful.
Could you check if you inserted the module correctly in the slot? Please compare with the images provided in the “Getting Started Guide”.

The module should easily fit in the slot without any big force. Maybe you can also share a picture showing the module inserted in Colibri Evaluation Board.

Thanks and best regards, Jaski

I am using Colibri T20 module and Colibri evaluation board. Yes i have connected module with evaluation board correctly. But one doubt is there, why reset out LED glows RED. and it stays red.

Also i am able to compile in eclise oxygen but can,t able to load because if i am connectd ethernet cable then ethernet LED’s are not blinking and I am not getting IP address.

Could you please send picture of showing the inserted module in Colibri Evaluation Board? Thanks

Dear @sagar1995

Please make sure that you properly inserted the module into the socket. The following picture shows how a properly inserted module should look like: The gold fingers are almost completely inserted into the socket, the side springs locked into the semi-circled openings of the module.
Colibri module properly inserted

The following picture shows a module, which is only partially inserted.
This is not working:
Colibri module not inserted

There is also a video on the developer webpage which shows how to insert a module properly into the socket. The video was made to show the handling of fastener clips, however the module insertion is nicely visible, too.

Regards, Andy

yes,Thank you… As per your information I am now getting something on Serial Console. And ahead I am able to build hello-world in eclipse but after that foe debugging i am not able to connect it via SSH. and ifconfig does not show me the eth0 ip address. And also my serial screen displays somethhing that is not im getting started guide…alt text
I have shared you a image. Please give me some info for debugging and is it necessary to update linux image as per getting started guide because i have skipped that one.

Perfect that the serial console is working. Can you ask a new Question in the Community with the issue?

Thanks and best regards