Serial console flooded with messages saying "need at least a destination address"

I just installed a fresh L4T based on toradex’ instructions.

Using BSP ver 2.8.1

The serial console gets flooded with messages saying “need at least a destination address”

About 2 of these per second.

Renders the serial console unusable.

Any idea what these are and how to get rid of them?

dmesg after startup attached

Using an ixora board with Apalis TK1 V1.1A


Could it be that you do not use our standard LXDE image but rather one with an L4T Ubuntu one?

Does the following help any:


Thanks Max, the process I’m using to set up a new board from scratch follows your instructions to the letter:

The only difference in this case is that I took a more recent image:
instead of the 2.7.5 mentioned in the instructions.

Please advise.

The link you sent to doesn’t really get to the bottom of the issue, more like a workaround. I can go that route but I prefer to get the base installation in ship-shape.


Yes, this has to do with the fact that Canonical’s Ubuntu by default does require a working network connection. Just connect Ethernet and you should be fine.

Actually I found the culprit:
As part of installing the Jetpack, nvidia adds a script which gets run from /etc/rc.local called (pretty clear what it does) which didn’t get removed after the installation of the Jetpack completed. I removed this and now that spamming stopped.

Ah, interesting. Yeah, unfortunately NVIDIA’s stuff is far from finished/polished but rather looks like a bare/raw prototype.