Sending Modified DTB file to U Boot Via Ethernet or UART(ttyusb0) directly for IMX6ULL

I am working on Col iMX6ULL 512 MB IT V1.0 A SOM and Colibri Evaluation Board 3.2 B. Every time i modified the dtb file i need to flash the toradex easy installer via USB RNDIS Ethernet Interface in recovery mode and then with pen drive i need to load the whole image with modified dtb. This is taking time. So please suggest me how to load modified dtb file directly to uboot via Ethernet or UART and then running the image.

Thank in Advance.

On Colibri iMX6ULL device tree is kept on separate UBI partition as a binary. You can ether update a device tree using commands ubiupdatevol at Linux or ubi write at U_Boot

At U_Boot level you will need to use an SD card or USB flash to copy DTB from. At Linux you can also use scp command to copy DTB file over network.

Please check this thread for more details.

Thanks for reply . I need the steps to copy DTB via SCP over network. Please provide the example(if possible for IMX6ULL or Any).