Self start after "emergency" shutdown

Hi there,

We have iMX8QM running on Ixora Carrier Board V1.3A. On Ixora carrier board we have Always-On Jumper (JP1) connected. However, during Electrostatic Discharge testing with ESD Gun, the SBC shuts down itself (maybe for safety measures) and we need to cut the power from Ixora Board and supply power again to bring it alive.

Is it possible that it recovers its normal working condition afterwards, so no one needs to unplug the whole system and plug it again?

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hello @hajili,

well, I don’t know in which state the ESD put the module and if we can find measures to prevent the ESD from taking this effect but, if you put the module into a shut-down mode like this you have to power cycle it. To make a system save to recover usually the customer puts a watchdog on his carrier design which would powercycle the module.

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Matthias Gohlke