Seeking help to port Feroda-IoT


We are working on a project in which we need to port Fedora-IoT rootfs on iMx8 (NXP) board. Below is the approach we have taken and queries we have.

We have taken the Linux kernel from NXP version - Kernel 5.4.47-2.2.0+g88d90ad100ab on an aarch64 and u-boot from also NXP.

We have extracted the rootFS from the binary on the below link.

SD card structure we have made for the imx8 board - Fedora-IoT rootfs:

u-boot will be copied on SD card using dd command

boot partition - dtb and kernel images

root partition - Fedora IoT rootfs

After successful boot up of the board we got below logs:

Fedora 33.20201215.0 (IoT Edition)
Kernel 5.4.47-2.2.0+g88d90ad100ab on an aarch64 (ttymxc0)

Browse to to claim this device (device ID not yet known) and configure SSH keys deployed

localhost login: root


Below command is not working for us and it halts all the installation process, which stops other main activities.

[root@localhost ~]# rpm-ostree status

error: loading sysroot: Unexpected state: /run/ostree-booted found and in / sysroot, but bootloader entry not found

Could you please help us over here?


Parth Y Shah

Hi @parth.y.shah

Could you please provide me the Hardware and software versions of your setup?

Please note we are not supporting fedora neither we have experience in the same.

Thanks for your reply.

Hardware : iMx8 NXP board

Software: Fedora-IoT 33 version rootfs taken from below link.

We have used our own u-boot and kernel for this activity.

Hi @parth.y.shah

We do not have support for Fedora neither we have tested.