Second eth MAC address not assigned on I.MX8X

On the i.MX8X device there are two ethernet MACs. We plan to use the second MAC with an additional phy chip on our carrier board. In uboot I only find one MAC Address assigned “ethaddr” (no “eth1addr”). Should the module be programmed with a second MAC Address from Toradex or will we need to assign our own MAC address for this second ethernet

Toradex provided U_boot supports only one MAC address . You can assign second MAC during Linux startup. If you need both Ethernet ports at U)boot stage you have to modify a U_boot.

We do not need the second eth in Uboot so we can assign it during Linux startup, but does the module come from toradex with a second MAC assigned in production or do we need to define the second MAC from our range? Is the MAC programmed by toradex stored in eMMC, eeprom, or OTP bits?

Toradex assigns only one MAC address per module. And it’s stored in Config block located at eMMC.