Search for LVDS display for use with Apalis

I’m searching for a display to use on a project. And I know how to search for criteria like size, brightness, resolution, environmental, etc.

But I’ve never used an LVDS interface before. Is there an electrical compatibility I should be concerned with? clock frequency, signaling voltage, bit depth, number of channels? Maybe all of that is just a configuration file and I don’t need to worry.

Also, is dimming done over the LVDS communications, or is it upto the carrier board to control the backlight via a PWM signal?


Hey @strandtc,

I would suggest looking at the modules datasheet under LVDS to get what the module’s requirements/limitations are.

For example here is the Apalis IMX8 Datasheet Under 5.6 Displays → 5.6.2 LVDS has the specific requirements of what the module can preform/channels available/pins/bit display capabilities/ect.

You can also see that under the LVDS Display Control Signals Table we have a backlight PWM for contrast/brightness control.

For a quick reference, we do have a LVDS Capacitance touch display in our web-shop (not intended to be purchased for production useage)… Capacitive Touch Display - 10 inch LVDS and you can get this units LVDS Touch Display datasheet here

I would also recommend whichever screen you go with contains a well documented datasheet. For the example web-shop LVDS display, we can see the device tree overlay here: This will also provide an intuition on what information would be needed to get the screen up and running.



Thanks for the links to the documents. I have more to learn about device tree, but I think I understand where all the panel timings come from, and the available configurations of single and dual channel panels for the Apalis modules.