SDIO8787 stops re-connecting when Wifi access point disappears

We are using Apalis T30IT WEC7 2.1B2 with the patched Tegra SDIO stack and SDIO8787 driver for ublox ELLA-131.

We can connect to WPA2 Wifi access point in client mode and save the credentials with a savereg. If we disconnect by going out of Wifi range, or turning off the Wifi router by removing power, the connection disappears. After 5 attempts, the connection manager tries to re-connect and then gives up. If the Wifi access point is re-enabled after this, Wifi connection is never automatically re-established unless you force it to re-connect in connection manager or power cycle.

Did you try this :
Let us know if it doesn’t help.

The suggestion didn’t work. Regardless of registry settings, connection manager tries 5 times and gives up.

What settings would I use for unlimited retry attempts?

Regardless of the retry setting:
“autoReconnectAttempts” = DWORD:10 ; Number of times we try to connect

Connection Manager tries to connect 5 times, at once per minute, and then gives up forever until next reboot.


I am afraid to say not able reproduce the same issue here.
Please import this registry using regedit tool and Save registry and then Reboot. This setting will make WiFi station will search router ‘0’ timeout for infinite times. If it doesn’t work, could you please share more details about this issue through due to WiFi driver is confidential between toradex and trapezegroup.

  1. Module
  2. Carrier board
  3. WiFi Installer files
  4. Debug message log

I tried to configure for re-fresh every 60 seconds. I did a SaveReg and re-boot:


The NETUI connection manager still tries to re-connect continuously at 1/second, or as fast as possible. What we actually want is continuous scanning at once per minute, or similar.

It looks like you have to do things in the correct order:
-set the registry values for the Reconnect timeouts.
-save the registry
-connect/associate to your access point (delete if it already exists)
-save registry

If you change the registry timeouts and the access point is already preferred and saved, the reconnect registry settings have no effect. It seems they take affect when you first associate to the access point.