SD Card not detected without CD pin

Hello Everybody,

I have a problem with the SD Card.
On my board we do not have a CD pin on the SD card holder.
I read in toradex documentation the following tip :

So I know that I need to set the register “CardDetectPin” to 0xFFFFFFFF to use the SD Card without CD Pin
But the card is not detected. By forcing the pin manually with the standard configuration (pin 190 in register) the board is working normally

Any idea why the 0xFFFFFFFF tip is not working ?

Thanks a lot


Just we would like to make sure how did you do the test, After setting the registry, did you leave the card and power cycle the board or did you insert the card after WinCE boots up?

Could you export the registry path(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\USDHC) contents using the RegEdit tool and share with us? Let us verify it.

Thank you.

Dear Raja

First thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
Our SD card port is not accessible when the apalis is plugged into the MXM port so everything i’ve done is power cycle with the card.

Here is my registry path :

"Drivername"="SD card"


Thanks for your help



Quickly I tested here, it works. Could you share WEC2013 image release version, that you can get from UpdateTool → versions info.


Dear raja

Here is my version :

BSP Version
Bootloader (running)
Ver : 1.4

Image (running)
Ver: 1.4 (CE 8.0)

Thanks for taking time for this issue


Thank you for your reply.

It seems to be CardDetectPin feature not working on WEC2013 image. Could you please wait for a week and let me check with our developer meeting and get back you.
As of you, could you use the workaround which you already found and would like to know how long would you wait for this?

Dear Raja,

We are looking to change the MicroSD port to change the type from hinge to a push pull port. So I can use the workaround I found without any consequences since I need to change the connector I can route a new wire for CD#.

Thanks for your answer


Thank you for your reply. SD card detect pin assigning to some pin is working, only no card detect pin feature seems to be broken. Hence, it won’t block your development.

Wish you good luck!