SD card not detected by linux kernel

Hi I am using imx6ull module on my customized carrier board linux bsp is 2.8b6.
according to this High performance, low power Embedded Computing Systems | Toradex Developer Center article, when i insert sd card the kernel does not recognize the SD card. WHat can be done?
should kernel configured for auto sd card detection ?
is there some additions in device tree which should be done for sd card detection? Or should the card been formated/partitioned in a special way ?
note: pins are correctly connected & verified at pinout designer
kind regards

Hey @alvaro.tx thanks for the heads up. I tried it on colibri eval board and it worked. Seems like a hardware issue. Thank you again.
kind regards

Hi @abobow , did you try in any of our carrier boards and see if it does work there? To quickly discard any HW issue.