SD card health check

I am trying to implement a script which detects and verifies if a SD card is connected and working properly. Right now, only detection is possible.

I cannot find any leads to verify the SD card i.e. if it is corrupted or not, if data can be written to and read from it. Is their any way to do this?

Hi @hexagun,

From Toradex we do not provide any such tool for sd card as of now. That said you may like to check tools such as dd which can be used in various combination to check, write and read from sd card. Based on the output you can determine the health and other relevant information for the same.

Some commands

df -h /media/sdcard
dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/sdcard/testfile bs=10M

Please note there might be some more solution out there above is just one option.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

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