SD Card for VF61 recovery

As part of making instructions for the production department of my company in order to make them able to repeat the VF61 bring-up steps necessary to recover some faulty modules, I want to prepare a ready-to-use SD Card, with all the eboot, WinCE6 OS, and custom OS files needed.

I have prepared different pairs of eboot.img + nk6.bin files depending on the product line on which the module is destined and the hw version of the module itself (1.2A vs 1.2B).

I can manage the whole thing, no problem. My only question, out of curiosity, is:
Your instructions here say to place the file in the root folder of the SD Card.
Does it mean I have to prepare multiple SD cards, one for each pair of files?

I was hoping to structure one SD Card and then place insrtuctions like: “write on the terminal ‘flashimage Toradex/v1.2B/nk6.bin’ to start flashing the OS image”.

I don’t know for the ‘flashloader’ but I kind of remember it could work for the ‘flashimage’…

I tried but it gives me the following error:

Thank you

PS: also, almost forgot, is there any command like ‘flashimage’ that allows to install cfg/dat/reg/ivf/ivr? since after image 1.5 we cannot have one big image file anymore? Or must it get done via UpdateTool.exe?

Colibri VF61 256MB IT V1.2A/1.2B
Colibri evaluation board rev. 3.2 (for recovery and bring up only)
WEC6 BSP 1.4/1.5

Hi @EnricoPompeiani ,

I’m afraid the bootloader and image restore fuctionality from SDCard is very limited in functionality. The FAT support is only supporting files in the root folder to keep it simple.

There is no function for restoring other sections like registry/config block or other.

Also the format of the UpdateBoot Backup is now section based with 1 section per file.