SD Card error

I’m trying to update OS image in Hyperterminal with this line : flashimage 0 nk8.nbx
But I got this error “Error initializing SDHC 0.” it was working before I do not understand what happen, I try another card but I have the same issue.

On what board are you testing? Are you using the EVB?
Is the SD card working with the old image?
You should try to format the card as FAT or use the sd tool ad described here:


yes it is the colibri evaluation board. I already prepare the sd card using the tool, it was working a few weeks ago, and now I have an error, I do not know what to do…

It seems that the bootloader is not able to access the card or its filesystem.
Is that card formatted as FAT or FAT32?
If you boot the image that is already on the device, can you access files on the card?

I had an error similar to this one on VF61 module (“Error initializing SDHC1”) and I solved in this way:

  • Before trying to do an OS update, all the jumpers of connectors X8 and X11 on the Colibri Evaluation Board mus be reset to their factory position (i.e. plugged)
  • Moreover, disconnect everything (cables, devices, resistors, …) you could have connected to X7, X9, X10, X12 connectors of EVB

I had an external board connected to EVB using the above general purpose connectors and I think this produced some kind of conflict over the SD card bus.

After having disconnected everything, I was able to successfully reinstall bootloader and WinCE usign the standard documentation from Toradex.

thank you very much, it works for me too !