Screen tearing openGL-ES Framebuffer output

Hello everyone,

i see pretty much screen tearing when running my OpenGL-ES application on an Apalis-iMX6 Linux console image installation (V2.6 beta2). Even setting the environment variable FB_MULTI_BUFFER = 2 or 3 does not give any improvements. Is there something else I could set up for forcing GLES to use a multi buffer FB?

Thank you very much in advance,

Moritz Wagner

Is your application making use of eglSwapBuffers? In case you are using Qt, QT_QPA_EGLFS_FORCEVSYNC might help. I guess you could also implement that in other frameworks by just using that ioctl on the fbdev device (this example uses the ioctl to wait for VSync, not sure if i.MX 6/Vivante use other semantics for the same ioctl).

I have the same problem here, but i could not fix it with the given example. I guess my virtual framebuffer size should be twice the screen size in x direction, is that correct?
If so, is there a device tree/kernel config i have to make to get the double sized framebuffer?