Screen is cut off with Easy Installer when using Capacitive Touch Display

I downloaded the latest version of Toradex Easy Installer (2022-01-05 | 5.5.0+build.6 | 46.91 MB) and updated the overlays.txt file: fdt_overlays=colibri-imx8x_parallel-rgb_overlay.dtbo colibri-imx8x_atmel-mxt-adapter_overlay.dtbo display-lt161010_overlay.dtbo

When I load easy installer I do not see a full screen display. Right half is black. Touch screen does work. Is there something else I have to do for the display ?

Colibri-Evaluation Board
Toradex 7.1" Capacitive Touch Display

By default the Toradex Easy Installer set resolution 640x480. So if you are using 800x480 display 160 columns will be black. Since the Toradex Easy Installer is only used for initial module programming changing resolution there is not practical. Please flash a regular Linux image and then apply mentioned overlays.

Is there no easy way to change the easy installer resolution ?

Yes, You can create a TEZI image with a desired resolution. But then you need to flash a new TEZI using an original TEZI and only then flash your OS image. Why not to flash your custom image directly instead?

Is the TEZI source code open source? Can it be modified? We would like to use this in manufacturing . For that case would want the proper resolution.

I still don’t understand. You will need to flash a “new” TEZI instead of “original” one. And you will need to do it using a “wrong” resolution anyway. Why don’t flash your OS image instead?

I dont want to flash the TEZI image. I would like to have the original TEZI at the proper resolution. Basically you are saying this is not possible ?

Yes it’s possible. Starting with Toradex Easy Installer 5.3.0 it supports device tree overlays. So you can add an overlay for your display panel. Please see details here.

Yes. As I stated in my original question. I have the latest version of the installer and I updated the overlays .txt file settings for the capacitive touch display. When in Easy Installer the touch works but the resolution is not correct. I am not sure what I am missing.

I have the same issue that @nmohan86.
I am working with a imx7d-emmc Machine, for manufacturing I need a Easy Installer running with 800x600 resolution.
I downloaded 5.6.0 Easy Installer version, there is not overlays.txt, so I created one and add my dtbo file, I created a overlays directory too and save dtbo file inside. When I run Easy Installer doesnt read dtbo overlays.
How can I fix that @alex.tx ?

What is a reason to change an Easy Installer resolution? Purpose of the Toradex Easy Installer is to flash a desired OS image. All Toradex Easy Installer settings will be erased by OS flashing. If you can see Toradex Easy Installer on your display (even not full screen) it’s enough to flash an OS image.

Hi @alex.tx,
Thanks for you reply.
Our first idea was to use Easy Installer to flash Our Image in production, our display is a 800x600 resolution.
I share a picture that shows how Easy Installer looks in the display, its not useful for us.
So I know that I have to add display settings at devicetree, I know that I can do this with overlays devicetree, when I try to add a dtbo in overlays.txt, Easy installer is not load It. I don’t know if I need to set some variable in some place to “tell” to Esy Installer that read the overlays.txt.
A different way to set a custom display is to add configuration in the devicetree directly, so I extracted al files in tezi fitImage with dumpimage as tell in documentation
There is a way to get the imx7d Easy Installler devicetree source?
The last option that I have is to flash memory from SD card with a script, there is a way to do this? There is a documentation?

Finally I could change default Easy Installer resolution.
I extracted all files from fitImage, then I converted dtb file to dts, I changed resolution default 640x480 to 800x600, the next step was to convert dts file to dtb again and repack al files in Tezi fitImage.