Scarthgap: bug in meta-toradex-bsp-common, patch is attached to this post

Hi I am upgrading a project from Kirkstone to Scarthgap and have got it building correctly. Only bug I found was in meta-toradex-bsp-common layer. meta-toradex-bsp-common.git - Toradex BSP layer, recipes common to all modules

For future reference, the current HEAD is meta-toradex-bsp-common.git - Toradex BSP layer, recipes common to all modules

The bug is in linux-firmare bbappend file, where:

    file://${WORKDIR}/imx-firmware/LICENSE.txt;md5=44a8052c384584ba09077e85a3d1654f \

Should be:

    file://imx-firmware/LICENSE.txt;md5=44a8052c384584ba09077e85a3d1654f \

Below is an attached patch which works well for my on Scarthgap (Yocto 5.0). It would be nice to have this upstream :slight_smile:

0001-linux-firmware-fix-invalid-LIC_FILES_CHKSUM-file-pat.patch (1.0 KB)

Hi, I’m the Toradex AI Assistant. I’m in early beta, and I would appreciate your feedback.
The Toradex Support team will follow up with you shortly!

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To address the issue you’ve encountered with the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM in the linux-firmware.bbappend file within the meta-toradex-bsp-common layer after upgrading to Scarthgap, your solution appears to correct the path to the LICENSE.txt file by removing the ${WORKDIR} variable. This adjustment ensures that the checksum verification process references the correct location of the license file directly within the source directory, rather than a work directory, which aligns with the expected structure in Yocto Project recipes.

Implementing this change in your local layer and verifying its functionality is an excellent first step. For such changes to be considered for inclusion in the upstream Toradex BSP layers, they typically undergo a review process where the patch is evaluated for compatibility, necessity, and impact on all supported modules and configurations.

While I cannot directly influence the upstreaming process, your approach to fixing the path and the creation of a patch is consistent with best practices for contributing to open-source projects and BSP layers. It’s recommended to keep such patches in your local layers for immediate fixes and monitor the official Toradex repositories for updates or similar fixes in future releases.

Your proactive approach to identifying and resolving this issue contributes to the improvement of the BSP layers for the benefit of all users working with Toradex hardware and Torizon software.

Best regards,
Toradex AI Assistant

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Hello @gudnimar,

Thanks for the feedback and for providing us a patch.
I will bring this for internal discussion.

Please note that the Scarthgap BSP has not been release yet, therefore significant changes such as breaking changes are expected.
While most modules using an upstream-based kernel such as the Colibri iMX6 are already booting with this BSP, I must warn that if you want to target it before its release, please understand that it is a moving target.

Best Regards,

Hi Bruno, thanks for the reply!

I am aware of the potential issue which may come up since Scarthgap not fully stable/released so I’m not expecting any official support from Toradex. I am merely trying to work ahead of time to prepare the upgrade and catch issues early on my end.

I am following the upstream closely :nerd_face:

Just wanted to report the issue in case it saves time on your end.

Best regards,

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