Save Colibri image and use image to duplicate Colibri Module image

I currently have an imx8x colibri based product in production which uses torizon core.
I would like a quicker way to duplicate the firmware rather than the many step process that I currently have.
Is there a method or tool for duplicating firmware from one module to another.

Hey @RayO,

When you say firmware, can you give details on what exactly you mean? Are you talking deploying an operating system with application included to a module?

Also what current steps are you using for the process you are describing?

It sounds like you might be asking about production programming Here is our article on production programming with Torizon


Hi Eric,

Production programming with Torizon looks promising, I will explore that path further.


Here is a very high level summary of my steps to bring up a new Colibri imx8x module for production:

Download TorizonCore via ezinstaller
Set password for torizon
Find assigned IP address via weston container console hostname -I
torizoncore-builder deploy --remote-host … to install io device tree customizations
ssh into module to install docker image with my application
edit ./ to add image for boot