Save a text file in pdf over usb

Sending and save Text from in C# written program to USB (Stick) as a pdf File. Have tested Library’s from “iTextsharp” and “PdfText”. They work on PC (Win 7, 8 or 10) well, but not on Win CE. Gives there a library for Win CE?

Hi @Ziet_Tor_2005 ,

Unfortunately i have no experience with PDF creation and c#, but a quick google search gave me this link:

Hope it helps

Hi @germano.tx

Thank You for the link. In this i found a itextsharpcf.dll library. After i referenced this library to my project, it runs well after some modification in the code. Itextsharpcf uses also dll-Names like System.Windows.Forms or System.Drawing. So You have to declare explicit it in the code from which one You use it.