Sample driver code for PCIe MSI interrupt handling in Linux Kernel [ NVIDIA T30 ]

Dear Team ,

We are planning to use the PCIe interface of NVIDIA T30 & have to build an PCI device driver for the same

Could team member please let me know if any standard PCIe driver is available to understand the
MSI interrupt handling aspect


The Linux kernel abstracts PCI/PCIe and therefore any regular PCIe driver may be used. For educational purpose you may e.g. consult the PCI Drivers chapter of the Linux Device Drivers book.

Dear Marcel ,

I have built an template PCIe driver on desktop for an PCIe card having an Altera PCIe IP core.
In probe i am able to acess the configuration register and verify .

I was seeking if an sample driver is available to understand the MSI interrupt handling.

Ashish Kumar Mishra

As mentioned before there is absolutely no difference in Linux PCIe programming from desktop compared to embedded. The MSI interrupt handling is entirely abstracted by the PCIe stack resp. done by the host controller driver.

@ashishx88 You might also want to have a look at MSI-HowTo documentation in case you haven’t already.

Dear Marcel / Sanchayan ,

Apologies for not updating the thread.

I have used the documentation to programm the code for MSI aspect.

After enabling the msi ( pci_enable_msi) , the interrupt number is changing & i have verified the same by pdev->irq.
I am able to register the irq on this updated irq number .

Currently i am facing poblem with respect to handling the generation of MSI & capturing the same on core.

Thanks for replying .