Running Processes Shut Down and Screen Freezes

Hi! After working 2-3 hours, I noticed that my touch display just froze. When I checked running processes from QT creator, it shows me there is no running processes! Then I started testing and encountered with this problem again. I’m not sure if it’s happens after 2-3 hours (maybe it could be stops working just only after 30 minutes or something). What causes to this problem and how can I solve it?

Greetings @sevginurb!

Which BSP version are you using for your Yocto image? Can you please provide the output of cat /etc/issue?

It’s only the Qt process that’s freezing or the whole system? Does this happen with any other application? Can you run any other Qt sample to ensure this?

Hi Gustavo,
The output of the cat /etc/issue is → Boot to Qtx for Embedded Linux 3.0.4
I hope this is the answer for your question about BSP version, because I don’t know how to check that.

I checked running processes from the Qt creator and I saw that I was wrong. There were a lot of running processes, only Qt process was terminated. Its last frame just froze on the screen. (It’s a Qt Quick project)

CPU usage increases continuously over time. It starts from %20-30 but after an hour maybe it reaches to ~%60 and it continues. That could be the problem but I don’t what causes to that.

I will run other Qt sample applications and share the results with you. But meanwhile any help is welcomed.


Ok, so you’re using the Boot2Qt image. This is usually tested so your issue shouldn’t be related to the image itself.

This looks like an issue with your specific application - perhaps some resources are leaking and increasing CPU usage until Linux kills the process.

Yes, please try some Qt samples to see if this happens and let me know.