Running .net based application

I just tried a ‘HelloWorld’, yes, the SDK is installed and the right Project template choosen, but the Launch Fails. I read through some Posts and it seems, that there is no netcf included in the OS Image.
I also found the cab file to install netcf3.9 on my WEC 2013 devive, but how is this done?
I copy the file to the Flash disk and try to run, cause there is nothing like an installer. Only a program remover was found …
I also found some Posts, were peope discuss how to make the Installation of the netcf permanent.

In my former Project I build an OS Image including netcf, so this wasn’t a Problem.

I understand, that Toradex choos another way for optimizing size of the Image, but now, I Need an detailed description how to install netcf3.9 permanentely.

Thanks a lot.

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Dear @Gerhard

You already did all what is required:

  • copy the .cab file to the target device
  • double-click onto the .cab file to start the installation

This will copy some files to the \Flashdisk\System\ folder and add all the required registry settings to announce the .NET CF to the operating system.

The .cab installer usually starts in interactive mode, so you have to press OK on a dialog after starting the installation. For a later production installation, the cab installer can be run in silent mode, without interaction required.

Regards, Andy

Thanks Andy,

works great now.

With best regards