Running ldconfig broke all binarys while trying to install python

Sorry I know this is a newbie question. I was given a toradex chip loaded with the bare minimum linux OS. I thought I could just transfer a precompiled version of pyhton onto the file system and run it. I was wrong, it couldn’t find a python library.

I added the path to the python library to /etc/ and then ran ldconfig.

After running ldconfig no binarys will execute. After a reboot I was presented with a kernel panic because it couldn’t find/run init.

Where did I go wrong?

Hi @scottatecho,

In this case, I would recommend you use our ready-to-use distro called TorizonCore.

Our BSP layer, like the reference minimal image, is a basic image provided as an example by Toradex. To run your application inside of it, you should use Yocto to create a new image with the libraries and necessary files for python to run on your Linux OS.

Instead of creating your own image, TorizonCore provides docker containers for python to run your application.

Here are some articles as references for you to get started with TorizonCore:

Let me know if you need anything else.

Best Regards,

Thanks. Will do!

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