Running C# 3.5 in linux

I am thinking about diferent solutions and testing diferent ways to run C# in linux.

Our objective is Run our main application make it in C# framework 3.5 in Linux.
I saw that the main general distribution in this modules are LXDE 2.8 newest stable version.

Our embedded system has to comunicate with periferics and all libraries used to comunicate with are windows version.

If there are somebody can suggest what kind of distro i would to put in this module to avoid some important issues and incompatibilities.

Maybe, Have i to make my own distro with yocto or diferent software ?

¿Any suggestion?

I am new with linux so appreciated your help.

HI @Kernel01

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For running C#, you should install our Software Platform Torizon. Please have a look at our developer article about NetCore Development for more Information.

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