Run WinCE exe in Linux OS using mono command

Respected sir,

I have a WinCE code of matrix keypad which I have tested in WinCE OS and working fine.

Now, my actual program needs to be executed in Linux OS. I searched and came up with an idea of using mono command. But after trying

mono program.exe

I got an exception of System.DllNotFoundException: TdxAllLibraries.dll.
What can I do to run the wince exe on linux?

Thank you for help.

Dear @tanvi

I’m sorry, this approach will not work. Even making TdxAllLibraries.dll available in Mono will not do the trick.

The TdxAllLibraries.dll does direct hardware access which is not supported in Linux. You will have to re-implement the hardware-specific parts of the code for Linux.

Regards, Andy

@jaski.tx Thank you sir. Is there any reference code of matrix keypad in Linux.

Dear @tanvi
Please ask a new question in the community for this, as it does not fit the original topic.
Regards, Andy

@andy.tx sir, ok sir.