RTOS for Apalis NXP IMX6

Hello everybody,

I’m looking for a good RTOS that can be used with Apalis NXP IMX6. Has anyone tried one and found it good? It’s highly recommended if the RTOS is free and highly appreciated if you support any link for the RTOS you recommend, its installation or any projects made using it.

Thanks in advance.

Windows CE is currently supported on Apalis iMX6 and we provide pre-built binary images for testing it.
We have a good number of customers running CE on our modules and many of them are using real-time features of the OS.
Some of our partners can also help you running QNX or Integrity on i.mx6-based modules.

We also have an online webinar discussing the different options you have to support real-time on Linux (some may not apply for i.mx6):