RTCSync code for Colibri iMX6

I would like to use PCF85063TP RTC chip in our project

  1. Is it supported by any of the RTCSync protocol as it is?

  2. Or, I will need the to modify the code for RTCSync and compile my own for WEC 7?

  3. If I compile my own, where do I copy the new RTCSync.exe?

  4. If I have to buy the code, how to pay and get the code?

We are currently working on a better implementation of RTC, we will know more about the roadmap by the end of this week.

Have you released new RTC implementation?

CustomRtcSync_1_3644.zip [Edit 2018-05-01: use the Version _4395 below]
you can download an implementation sample with a readme describing how to use it.
Sample is using Tegra only libraries, but you can use it as a reference to implement your own version using the new libraries. Basically it’s a DLL where you need to implement only function to read/set time.

  1. How often the OS syncs time with RTC automatically?
  2. Will GetSystemTime function call in application sync system time with RTC?
  3. Do I have to manually call GetSystemTime function to sync system time with RTC time?

It’s better if you create a new question next time, it will be simpler for other people to search and also to reply to it.

  1. There is no sync, time is read from RTC at boot
  2. Time is taken from the SOC own RTC, it’s written back when an app call SetSystemTime()
  3. You need to call SetSystemTime
    If you leave NTTP enabled and your device is connected to the internet (or can reach an NTTP server and you configure it) and you can force a refresh by typing: services refresh NTP0:
    Refer also to this related post.